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Cloud Computing in Rural Health
Blog Linda Stotsky

Did you know that 90 percent of the available data today was produced in the last two years? The amount of data being produced is growing so exponentially that organizations are moving their data to the cloud for greater efficiency, a smaller footprint, and an increased ability to manage increasing amounts of data. However, cloud

Privacy and Security Diligence in 2017
Blog Linda Stotsky

The transition to a DJT administration should not have a significant immediate impact on HIPAA enforcement – but CISO’s and CIO’s are concerned because of the uncertainty. Currently, the OCR’s Federal Privacy Rule gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information.

Bill Esslinger and Joe Lavelle Discuss Healthcare, Patients, Interoperability and #UnThink – @Resultant Podcast
Blog Linda Stotsky

Bill Esslinger and Joe Lavelle participated in a lively discussion about Healthcare, HealthIT, Patient Advocacy and Data Management on the IntrepidNow podcast.

What Sets Fogo Data Centers Apart?
Blog Linda Stotsky

  Fogo Data Centers are provider, facility, system, and EHR agnostic.  We work with Healthcare IT solutions across the spectrum of functionality. We can help break down the walls to interoperability and bridge the giant chasm between design and science. The HIPAA paradigm shift was the first step in securing data ownership. Interoperability is the second driver. When an

Why We Must #Unthink Healthcare – Page 2
Blog Linda Stotsky

    As I was preparing for an IntrepidNow podcast with Joe Lavelle, my wife Debbie and I were discussing the #Unthink movement. Her perspective reflects those of a software developer, as well as a patient. They reflect the meaning portrayed so eloquently on my #walkinggallery jacket by Regina Holliday. They are the substance of previous conversations with Nick Adkins,

The Fire That Drives Me Forward – #thewalkinggallery
Blog Linda Stotsky

I started in Healthcare in the 1990s. I went to law school and became an attorney in private practice. I enjoyed practicing law and was doing well, however a friend of mine from Carrollton Georgia, was starting a new EMR company called Greenway Health, and I wanted to be part of it. I signed on