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The Fire That Drives Me Forward – #thewalkinggallery
Blog Linda Stotsky

I started in Healthcare in the 1990s. I went to law school and became an attorney in private practice. I enjoyed practicing law and was doing well, however a friend of mine from Carrollton Georgia, was starting a new EMR company called Greenway Health, and I wanted to be part of it. I signed on

We Must #Unthink Healthcare – A #pinksocks Story
Blog Linda Stotsky

I’ve worked in healthcare IT and related fields since the early 1990s.  In 2000 I joined a then-startup EMR company. You may have heard of it – Greenway Health.  As an attorney, digitizing health records seemed like a great idea, so I signed on as VP, Secretary, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Greenway.

Securing Healthcare Data in the Cloud
Blog Linda Stotsky

As healthcare organizations embark on the improved use of data sets, from analytics to precision medicine and value based care, Cybersecurity rises to the number one concern for CIO’s. How secure is your cloud based data strategy? Consideration must be given to the different models of service With each delivery model: Infrastructure as a Service

The Road to Data Security is Paved with Good Performance
Blog Linda Stotsky

Connected health aims to maximize healthcare resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better manage their care.  Despite rapid-fire changes in the way we access, store and share health records, securing a path to connectivity requires a secure data infrastructure. Wearables, apps, IoT, AI and AR, bridge the physical

HIPAA Security and Patient Data
Blog Linda Stotsky

  High-profile data breaches continue to push healthcare toward an increased focus on security. Experts predict that within five years there will be nearly 50 billion smart connected devices in the world. All will have the ability to collect, analyze and share data. In a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, “75