The Road to Data Security is Paved with Good Performance

The Road to Data Security is Paved with Good Performance

Connected health aims to maximize healthcare resources and provide increased, flexible opportunities for consumers to engage with clinicians and better manage their care.  Despite rapid-fire changes in the way we access, store and share health records, securing a path to connectivity requires a secure data infrastructure. Wearables, apps, IoT, AI and AR, bridge the physical gaps but leave gaping holes in the mesh. It’s time to put enterprise security on a clear and more effective path.

The IoT Cloud Platform Market is estimated to grow from 1.88 Billion in 2016 to 7.15 Billion by 2021

What does this mean for ambulatory practices and rural hospitals without the time, budget or technical expertise to secure large amounts of data?  It means hacks, breaches, increased time and monumental cost. The average security breach has risen 29% since 2013, to nearly 4 million dollars. This closes solo practices and cripples rural hospitals because they can’t afford the blend of people, process and technology available for daily firefights.  The challenge of securing healthcare data is understandable. Taking the path of least resistance is not.
At Fogo Data Centers we offer flexible and scalable solutions to protect your critical data and applications. From offsite backup and colocation sites to full failover replication, we’ve got you covered.
  • The Carrollton data center is Fogo’s headquarters and flagship data center, located in the west metro Atlanta area. Our data center is SSAE16, SOCII, HIPAA compliant as well as PCI compliant. The site provides redundancies across all support systems. This is a bunker-style facility with the north and east facing walls underground.
  • The New Orleans (NOLA) data center is located on the 10th floor of The Exchange Centre of the Downtown Central Business district. This robust building was originally built by Chevron with multiple redundancies ensuring uptime in the most catastrophic of events. In addition to the data center space, we offer office rentals on the 10th floor and internet services to the building.
  • In addition, Fogo maintains a presence in 56 Marietta, a fully dedicated carrier-neutral hotel/interconnect facility that is home to the Southeast’s largest concentration of telecommunication companies. This allows us to provide our clients with top-of-the-line internet connectivity and bandwidth, as well as additional data center space.

A successful strategy involves years of experience, layers of technology and a 360 degree approach.

We have both direct clients who may or may not have their own IT staff, as well as channel partners who sell our data center services but provide their own IT managed services to their clients. Our IT service offerings are designed to provide the best of both worlds, blending together IT personnel from Fogo and from our channel partners, together with your own IT staff, so that your end users have the IT support they need when they need it. Fogo Support is US based from one of our 2 Network Operating Centers (NOC). We are here Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM East Coast time with after hours, Weekends and US Holidays covered by our on-call team members.
The road to data security requires a partner with experience. Someone who knows what to look out for and map the easiest route. Call us for a free consultation. We’ve got over 20 years of Healthcare, EMR and Health IT experience. At Fogo Data Centers we understand the importance of protecting your network, your data center, and the cloud.


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