Participatory Leadership in Innovation

Participatory Leadership in Innovation

The “cloud” takes center stage in technological advances that enable the current wave of “accelerated innovation”. This acceleration shifts from traditional belief to tangible value. On demand functionality of cloud computing is the foundation of Fogo Data Centers.
Our team has a wide range of expertise in EMR, HIPAA, Health IT and Cloud Computing. With our highly respected team of healthcare attorneys, interoperability strategists, consumer advocates and technology professionals, we serve hospitals, clinics, and practices of all sizes with an unwavering commitment to value at a reduced risk.

What characteristics define participatory leadership in Health IT?

  1. Empathy – Everyone on the leadership team understands the challenges faced by providers and healthcare organizations
  2. Open and clear communication – By communicating effectively about expectations and delivering clear end results, everyone on the team is better equipped to meet necessary goals
  3. Respect- Not every issue can be solved with the same set of answers. Participatory leaders deal human to human, and listen to the needs of each client, focusing on people every step  of the way
  4. Mutual trust- This is the most important aspect of our business model

At Fogo Data Centers, everyone on the organization team must work to ensure delivery of these core business values. We develop relationships that drive loyalty, placing people before profit, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Secure cloud computing should not be a puzzle for the CTO or CIO. It requires partnerships that allow faster execution, greater business agility, and sustainable cost reduction. These are critical assets for the ever-changing business of healthcare, allowing providers to concentrate on patients, rather than on the intricate process of IT operations.

We are defined by our work with people over profit. A team of individuals, highly focused on the goals and outcomes to achieve superior business results for your healthcare organization.

Participatory leadership allows everyone on the management team to be involved in the decision making process. The participatory leadership paradigm is based on respect and engagement. It focuses energy in every human to human encounter. Through this democratic process, we harness diversity, build a sense of community and create shared responsibility for action.
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